VeritasAdvantage and Physicians

We recognize the value of physician-directed medical device selection. VeritasAdvantage is here to help insure all buyers obtain the absolute best price on physician-selected medical devices and will never attempt to direct purchasing decisions to a different vendor or medical device.

VeritasAdvantage and your GPO

VeritasAdvantage compliments your GPO membership as an additional measure to control supply chain spend.


VeritasAdvantage and Vendors

VeritasAdvantage electronically connects hospitals and vendors. Vendors have instant access to all purchase request the moment they are created.

Our Promise to Vendors

Your market share is safe with VA. VeritasAdvantage will never advertise competing vendors or products to your clients or direct your customers to an alternative product or device.

Vendors always have full control to accept or reject every purchase request submitted via the VA app.

VeritasAdvantage members agree not to share pricing information with anyone outside the VeritasAdvantage App.

Prices are recorded in our database only after we receive vendor authorization.



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