Why VeritasAdvantage?

Medical device and supply pricing is by design complicated. The introduction of pricing tenets such as rebates, complex tier structures and quotes laced with non-disclosure language prevents most hospitals from establishing or monitoring prevailing market prices. VeritasAdvantage is committed to providing a solution.

The 2016 Wharton School of Business research study-Transparency and Negotiated Prices: The Value of Information In Hospital-Supplier Bargaining proved that transparency in hospital purchasing produced on average a savings of 26%.

The VeritasAdvantage App provides hospital members access to real-time pricing information from an ever-growing network of ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals and healthcare systems.

Our application marries the science of pricing transparency, membership scale and a proprietary on-line environment that connects buyers and sellers directly.

All data and purchase order records are completely anonymous and user identity is never disclosed.

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